OMG. What a terrible tragedy. What a horrid man too.
Sat Oct 14, 2017 8:38pm

It is remotely "possible" that he DID try to get her out and that's how he was burned and he could have been temporarily "insane" from the pain he was experiencing, but he looks far too cool for that to be true. He doesn't look dazed or out of his gourd going over to the taxi to get a lift to the hospital. There's no indication that he's making that claim either.

My first thought scrolling down your post prior to reading the horrible "headline" was that I wasn't surprised that "two beautiful people" could hail a taxi in NYC quite easily. But, then I saw the story and my stomach turned over on itself.

What a horrible thing for him to do ... and how callous ...

Likely, she was dead or nearly so by the time he got into the cab and there was nothing he could have reasonably done to save her... BUT, since we don't know, we have to assume that if he'd screamed for HELP, others may have gotten out of their cars to HELP get her out of the car to MAYBE save her life. But, failing to do so, everyone likely assumed that there was no one IN the car. I mean, who would think that someone would actually DO what he did?