Look, I'm well aware of the fact that there are some odd
Sat Oct 14, 2017 11:16pm

details in this attack that haven't yet been explained. However, what I was trying to tell you down below is that the MSM are all saying that the FBI and law enforcement are all still questioning if there were multiple people involved, who they might be, how they might fit in, and where they went. As it is an ongoing investigation, they are NOT about to tip their hands by spelling out what they do and don't know. However, it is generally accepted that there was at least ONE individual who was helping the shooter, whether that person did any shooting or not is unclear.

People also have to understand that when witnesses are all running for their lives, in mortal terror, that their impressions and memories are flawed, at best. Plus, given that they are running the entire time, their field of vision is constantly changing as well. So, while eye witnesses are a valuable asset in any investigation, taking their "word" over trained investigators with actual evidence and science to back up their claims is downright foolish. Eyewitness testimony has been proven to be seriously flawed and sometimes out'n'out wrong, time and time again, because of the height of emotions and fear and flawed memories. It was a music festival with speakers and lights and electrical elements outside. Who knows how many shots hit electrical elements that sparked or exploded, causing some witnesses to see flashes of light they might believe were gunshot? After all, he was firing endlessly, so every flash of light might be seen as gunfire from another source by people being fired upon. How many people REALLY know what the sound of gunfire echoing across an open lot full of 22K people actually sounds like? or bullets whizzing by? or the sound of ricochets? Likely damned few who were there, that's how many.

So, pardon me for waiting to the "official statement" to actually be issued. You DO know that final conclusions are not actually out there, don't you? Or do you simply assume that the MSM is printing or claiming whatever the fringe elements claim they are doing?

You're far TOO willing to assume that the MSM, law enforcement, and the government are all lying and it's bewildering what purpose you believe they'd have for being BEHIND IT. WHY would the MSM be complicit? WHY would law enforcement? Why would the government be behind it? and HOW would a conspiracy with hundreds of thousands of complicit people involved get away with it without thousands of them spilling the beans? That's just patently ABSURD.

  • Likely I am the only personPH🔎👁🔎EY, Sat Oct 14 10:39pm
    on this board who has taken the past seven days on the Internet to decide who is more truthful, the FBI and the Las Vegas Sheriff, or the eyewitnesses and the cell phone audio and videos. Conclusion: ... more
    • Look, I'm well aware of the fact that there are some odd — Sia☺giah, Sat Oct 14 11:16pm
      • Assumptions galore!PH👀🔎👀EY, Sun Oct 15 10:18am
        I will say it again. Authority are playing for time. This mess is different from the usual lone nut "suicidal" wrap up. At first they ran with single gunman. But quickly realized the videos and audio ... more
        • Videos that would prove their case would be kept under wraps, OBVIOUSLY. They need them to make their case. Whomever else was involved will have to be located, arrested, and ultimately prosecuted.... more
          • Right away they blamed Paddock.PH💀💀EY, Sun Oct 15 7:35pm
            He was dead. Suicided. It was never "alledged." I do not accept the concept that the case is jeopardized by admitting there was more than one shooter. The videos prove it. And why would they... more