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Sun Oct 15, 2017 7:21pm

200 are still unaccounted for. Lovely here today. Ideal temps. The bummer is the huge gigantic aerosol trails coming in fom the eastern Pacific. The 1PacificRedwood you tube site predicted we would be seeing this move in over this region. Sure enough! The weather terrorists have been spraying the heck out of the moisture fields trying to enter California, with a dessicant. This is how they do their dirty deed to keep us high and dry. Let's say I have a vaulted sky above me of 120 degrees. One of their horizon to horizon trails floats over and covers 40 - 60 percent. That is HUGE. That is moisture sucked out of the approaching rain potential and sent east away from California. All day long. I spent the morning hauling dirt to my bolt hole. The ground squirrels have made a mess inside. It's loose soil but I need help clearing it out. The dirt goes on top. I and my dogs ( the 3 legged rescue) can get in there if need be. It's usable now. I haves call out to my weedeater to help me. My index finger tip is disgusting. Can't use it. Was infected with a wood splinter. The clinic Doctor could not get in for two days due to fires so it became horribly infected. He numbed the hell out of it, and cleaned it out. I pulled my hat down over my eyes. No way was I going to watch. Now it's better but gross and crimps my style. Hopefully the weather controllers will allow us some rain on Thursday and Friday.

  • a moment's notice however. There are dozens of reports of people having NO NOTICE before walls of fire suddenly descended down on their neighborhoods with them barely escaping with their lives,... more
    • Thank you. — PH👀EY, Sun Oct 15 7:21pm