Which came first...
Tue Oct 17, 2017 8:26am

chicken or the egg?

nothing or something?

God or people who want to be God?

If God created man in his own image, man has certainly returned the favor.

Nature or Mother Nature?

  • Physics "self" created its own laws?PH👀EY, Sun Oct 15 7:50pm
    It just all happened happenstance. I prefer Spirit but spirit too is a manifestation and not the source. I believe there is a 'God.'
    • Which came first... — wondering, Tue Oct 17 8:26am
      • Dead or alive, that is the questionPH👻👻EY, Fri Oct 20 12:03pm
        The attempts to extrapolate the premier understanding into parsed rabbit holes have no appeal for my cosmology ....except perhaps as an exercise for intellectual trips into the light fantastic. One... more
        • We are star dust.wondering, Sat Oct 21 6:26am
          Is there really death? Is there really life? Or just being? Is a rock alive? Certainly there is motion within the rock, as there is motion within every atom. Does a rock cease to exist if it is... more
          • Yes, and perhaps a no.PH👍🏿👍🏿EY, Sat Oct 21 7:36pm
            The Jewish Book is a very audacious read. The final parts of the script state that God says to whomever is the author, that at the time of the end of human responsibility for man's miscarriage of... more
      • The cool thing is, we'll probably never know.Poppet, Tue Oct 17 10:00am
        It may well be the case that the laws of physics arose during that infinitesimally-brief period of time known as the "Planck time" (the time required for light to travel in a vacuum a distance of 1... more
        • True... but my guess iswondering, Tue Oct 17 4:56pm
          The egg came before the chicken. :)
          • Oh, absolutely!Poppet, Tue Oct 17 5:43pm
            Somewhere along the evolutionary path, there was a "first chicken," the first mutation that qualified as Gallus gallus domesticus (well, actually probably several...it's not that simple and linear,... more
            • An old sci-fi storyJeeves, Wed Oct 18 3:40pm
              A scientist invents a time machine, but it is one-way; it only travels into the past. You can never get "back to the future"... A person who was born "immortal", i.e., he never ages, steals the... more
        • What is consuming the hydrogen on Titan? Pikes, Tue Oct 17 12:03pm
          Methane based life? The elements gold and platinum appeared in the light from the NGC 4993 event. This confirmed that collision of two orbiting neutron stars generates the fusion force necessary to... more
          • It's interesting how oftenPH🔎🔎EY, Fri Oct 20 10:19am
            these bright bulbs predict and then the prediction is "realized". One ought not to suggest a glass slipper just has to fit?