That's a really crazy story. The doll in the photo doesn't
Wed Oct 18, 2017 12:25am

look like a real person. It's obviously a rag doll. How did she create the first one that was of her father that people mistook for him ?? Did her skills go backwards?

Reminds me of when I was little and often out of school sick for a few weeks at a time. It got so lonely and I missed my classmates so much that I used all of my dolls to represent the kids in my class and then pretended I was in school while my dolls and I were all sitting around our dining room table.

    • The drive to be rememberedPikes, Fri Oct 20 11:31am
      Gold on the earth is older than the earth. It existed as gold long before the earth existed as the earth. Why are we so damn important? Or is that the ultimate cruel joke? That we're not?
      • Surely we are important enoughPH👀EY, Fri Oct 20 11:40am
        for God to be willing to create the Jewish tribe to save a remnant of us from Einstein's recipe. In the final analysis I think we humans really are lost in space. And lost in our duality of our... more
    • That's a really crazy story. The doll in the photo doesn't — Sia☺giah, Wed Oct 18 12:25am
      • One might consider using your PH👁👁EY, Fri Oct 20 10:24am
        "Sherlock" moment and apply the same doll-reasonings to the incredible lies being disseminated via MSM about what went down in Vegas.