Wed Oct 18, 2017 11:26am

Inherited trouble

  • Indeed. Or Eris...Poppet, Wed Oct 18 10:37am
    ...who at least has the virtue of not trying to pretend she's something she's not: a troublemaker.
    • Heiress — Pikes, Wed Oct 18 11:26am
      • I never noticed that homophone!Poppet, Wed Oct 18 1:54pm
        • Which is ironic...Poppet, Wed Oct 18 1:56pm
          ...since I kinda am one. Er...an heiress, not a goddess. Although were I the latter, I'd like to think it would be something along those lines: an agent provocateur throwing a wrench in the works.
          • Eye NewtPikes, Thu Oct 19 1:28am
            I knew it. I like the fight between the sadist agent and the masochist provocateur. The provocateur was on bottom shouting, "Hit me! Hit me with that wrench!" and the agent, on top, whispering, "no."