You get "floored" by the most insignificant things.
Wed Oct 18, 2017 2:33pm (XFF:

The guy was Special Forces. It's not as if he had enlisted to be a lawnmower mechanic with a guarantee of never having to leave the States and then was forced to serve in a dangerous place where he was then killed..

He volunteered for Special Forces.

His wife was married to a guy in the Special Forces. She knew what that was all about.

When you sign up for Special Forces, you don't do it lightly. You know what that means.

The point of the spear.

In harm's way.

First to go in.

It wouldn't surprise me that a friggin' Democrat with an ax to grind and who has never had any affiliation with the military would be SHOCKED that ANYONE would suggest that this fine young man knew what he had signed up for, and that while it was a tragedy that he was killed, at least he was doing what he wanted to do.

That you were "floored" by this comment from the President says more about how warped your bias has made you than anything else.

Get a friggin' grip already.

  • doesn't have a flippin' clue what to or not to say to someone who is grieving. He has aides and advisers. TONS of them, in fact. So, no one there could have clued him that saying something like that... more
    • You get "floored" by the most insignificant things. — SES, Wed Oct 18 2:33pm
      • Thank you for putting it straight!PH👍🏿👍🏿EY, Sat Oct 21 11:10am
        Really! What is it about these overly sensitive Hildebeast worshippers that they must twist a plain-speak into 10 types of salacious MISinterpretations accusing the President of having no finesse at... more
      • Untrue. She's never been 'floored" by youSJW, Sat Oct 21 10:47am
        And you are as insignificant a thing as there is.
      • Babylon is cruising for a bruising.PH👺👺EY, Fri Oct 20 5:49pm
        It really pains me to see what this nation has become. It's nothing I recognize as sane nor moral. The US is a bully. And it's turning its para military onto my fellow citizens, i.e. LV.
      • No surprise that YOU wouldn't "get it". Sia☺giah, Wed Oct 18 8:05pm
        Not worth the bother of responding to your drivel.
      • No.Amadeus, Wed Oct 18 3:48pm
        The problem here is that Trump doesn't know how to sincerely apologize. He was put in a position where he needed to apologize and he needed to be sincere. He wasn't apologizing for anything he had... more
        • the widow, parents, siblings, and young children, plus the fact that their third child would never even get to meet his/her father. It would have been far better if he'd not called them at all.... more
          • He is the universal soldierPH👎🏼👎🏼EY, Fri Oct 20 5:52pm
            and he really is to blame. I cannot offer up a tear. Though I can feel sadness for the now fatherless family.
      • who brought unprecedented incompetence to the White House. None of his appointees even belong in the professional departments they lead. Those appointments are comparable to assignment of a Walmart... more
      • " he knew what he was getting into when he signed up, but I guess it hurts anyway. " = " while it was a tragedy that he was killed, at least he was doing what he wanted to do. " Well, as you may have ... more
        • I call it 'tough love.'PH👀EY, Sat Oct 21 11:01am
          Plain speak is direct. There is no room for the smiley tooth fake sympathy. It's a good hard fact. The trained killer knew what was the score. The real issue here that this OC bullshit avoids is the... more
        • deleted commentbanned poster, Wed Oct 18 5:39pm
          • Well Bauer...HeavyHemi, Wed Oct 18 5:49pm
            Do you really think several of us are not onto your game and have been for years. Now run along and role play 'victim of autism' elsewhere.
            • Haha😃 One of your better posts. (nm)PH🙃🙃EY, Sat Oct 21 11:03am
              • xx, Fri Oct 27 7:05pm
                • Pay who?Pikes, Fri Oct 27 7:38pm
                  Any time someone wants revenge, retribution, "justice" or accountability beyond their power to enforce, s/he calls on "god" as that ultimate, final authority to whom all will account. Never... more
          • No. (nm)Jeeves, Wed Oct 18 5:44pm
      • And again..HeavyHemi, Wed Oct 18 2:53pm
        Amazing you would side with? Trump over one of our own...I am truly disgusted.