An old sci-fi story
Wed Oct 18, 2017 3:40pm

A scientist invents a time machine, but it is one-way; it only travels into the past. You can never get "back to the future"...

A person who was born "immortal", i.e., he never ages, steals the machine and travels back to the Cretaceous Era in order to witness what happened to the dinosaurs.

He manages to survive and visits the scientist "after" his earlier self steal the machine.

The scientist asks "Why did the dinosaurs die?"

The time traveler answers "The dinosaurs never died. They just grew wings and feathers and started flying."

The point being that the changes are so small and slow, that there never is an actual boundary where you can say "This is not a dinosaur."

  • Oh, absolutely!Poppet, Tue Oct 17 5:43pm
    Somewhere along the evolutionary path, there was a "first chicken," the first mutation that qualified as Gallus gallus domesticus (well, actually probably's not that simple and linear,... more