First, "bump stocks". Now, "ghost guns"
Wed Oct 18, 2017 4:02pm

I had never heard of these.
Cops Uncover Homemade Assault Weapons, Silencers, Thousands of Rounds of Ammo in Motel Room
Couple busted with cache of totally legal, and totally untraceable, ‘ghost guns.’


An Illinois couple was busted at a motel for allegedly trying to sell a cache of firearms—including three homemade assault weapons.

Authorities cuffed Cara L. Anderson and Shawn C. Holland last week at the Motel 6 in Caseyville, about 10 miles east of St. Louis.
The lovebirds stayed at their lodging-turned-gun show for three weeks before a tip led to their arrests, according to St. Clair County Sheriff Rick Watson.

On Oct. 11, deputies executing a search warrant discovered multiple assault rifles and handguns, along with silencers and a copy of the “AR-15 to M-16 Conversion Book.” They also found a bulletproof vest, thousands of rounds of loose rifle ammunition, and 38 fully-loaded 30-round .223 magazines.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Watson said the suspects obtained “80 percent” receivers—meaning the frame for the DIY weapon is 80 percent complete and requires some drilling and assembly before it’s a working semi-automatic rifle.

“When he actually purchases those parts, [it is] not a legal gun,” Watson said, referring to Holland. “He has to do the mill work on it, drill some holes to finish it up.”

The homemade weapons, often referred to as “ghost guns,” don’t require background checks or traceable serial numbers. While federal law allows hobbyists to make their own unregistered guns using 80-percent kits, it’s illegal to sell the finished product.

This year, two House Democrats introduced the “Ghost Guns Are Guns Act,” which would require federal background checks for unassembled firearms purchased online. After the Las Vegas massacre, they renewed their call for the bill.

Earlier this month, Wired reported on one manufacturer’s tabletop machine, called the Ghost Gunner, that can finish a metal handgun frame in an hour. It allows someone to make a gun at home without identification, background check, or waiting period.

Watson said he wanted to “get the word out” about the do-it-yourself guns, because buying unregistered weapons is a felony. “And I have to look at it from this standpoint, if a crime is committed with these guns, there’s no way to trace these back to anybody,” the sheriff told The Daily Beast.

“You can go purchase these parts, put the guns together and no one would ever know you have them,” he said.

The suspects “sent out some inquiries about selling the guns,” Watson said, resulting in the sheriff’s Drug Tactical Unit probe. He declined to comment further on where the couple allegedly peddled their rifles, citing the open investigation.

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