What you talking about?
Wed Oct 18, 2017 4:59pm

Have you folks lost your mInd?

  • Our rules are pretty simplePikes, Wed Oct 18 3:58pm
    Respect begins cordial and friendly. If a guest does something offensive to a host once, it is overlooked, or if addressed, with an understanding not to do it again. A guest may forget too. We... more
    • What you talking about? — et, Wed Oct 18 4:59pm
      • Don't play innocent, or stupidPikes, Wed Oct 18 7:04pm
        You are warned for the last time. Persist and like other trolls, your posts will not be read and will be deleted on sight, after review for violation of TOS. Those are be kept in a separate location... more
        • Whyet, Wed Oct 18 11:27pm
          not stop talking to the isp and look me in the eye? You have illluded yourselves talking to my brother and myself as if we are the same poster. Youve done us both a diservice. The higher the horse... more
          • Don't care who you are, or think you are.Pikes, Thu Oct 19 1:01am
            Look you in the eye every time I address you, which after this won't be much unless you have something significant to write.
            • First mustet, Thu Oct 19 1:44am
              find something significant to read? Why should I be any different? :)
              • ENOUGH. Stop this now please !!**ADMIN**, Thu Oct 19 2:01am
                Everyone please move along. There is no point to going on endlessly about this.
                • I agree.**et**, Thu Oct 19 2:16am
                  Folks need to behave.