My husband has (3) 45 autos that he built himself but he has
Wed Oct 18, 2017 9:26pm

serial numbers assigned to them in the form of our names & the date they were completed. He registered them in MA after they were built because, in MA, once they are built and functional, they have to be registered else it violates the strict MA gun laws. Not worth getting caught. He built them in a machine shop where he was working at the time and etched his chosen serial number onto the frame. Several there did the same thing.

Here, in NH, he and a few friends are all building themselves one of those "ghost guns" ... He doesn't have to register it and probably won't. Not to do anything illegal with it, but simply because they expect him to pay them for the registration, but don't require it, so why should he?

If they put serial numbers on the "partially complete rifles", then they'd be registered to whomever bought them. Doing background checks as you suggested is also a good idea. I don't like the idea of thousands or even millions of "ghost guns" being out there either.

  • First, "bump stocks". Now, "ghost guns"Jeeves, Wed Oct 18 4:02pm
    I had never heard of these. Cops Uncover Homemade Assault Weapons, Silencers, Thousands of Rounds of Ammo in Motel Room Couple busted with cache of totally legal, and totally untraceable, ‘ghost... more
    • My husband has (3) 45 autos that he built himself but he has — Sia☺giah, Wed Oct 18 9:26pm
    • Ghost CarsMerlin, Wed Oct 18 4:41pm
      Not sure what the bang for the buck is...other than looking cool. ;-)
      • Ed "Big Daddy" RothJeeves, Wed Oct 18 5:08pm
        For those of us of a certain age, cool cars are Big Daddy's cars...