Imo, we could do a lot worse than Tillerson
Thu Oct 19, 2017 10:19am

as in Clinton and/or Kerry, but Powell and Rice were better.

  • I hope notJeeves, Thu Oct 19 10:01am
    Tillerson is destroying the State Department, and he could go, as far as I am concerned. I doubt we could do worse. But Kelly and Mattis are relatively stable administrators. Who knows what we would... more
    • The Department of State was PH👹👹EY, Sat Oct 21 7:21pm
      screwed over after the 9-11 con. And it's big purge by Zionists agents well ensconced at State and elsewhere in power positions prior to the Iraq con. This is well known. The destruction continued... more
    • In education is it estimated it takes three years for students to recover from one ineffective teacher. If students have two ineffective teachers sequentially, they never will recover. US State... more
    • Imo, we could do a lot worse than Tillerson — Robert, Thu Oct 19 10:19am
      • I disagree about PowellPH👀EY, Sun Oct 22 11:28am
        His knowingly accepted the lie about Iraqi WMDS and went to the UN and lied to the whole community of nations. He sold his soul. And was instrumental in facilitating the war of aggression upon the... more