Protection of the country
Thu Oct 19, 2017 12:10pm

by standing in the way of Trump's idiocy isn't protection. Sooner or later idiocy finds a way through. In this case it will happen through resignation or termination. The republican senator's concern is protection of the GOP reputation, not welfare of the country. With most of these people party comes first, and country is a tool of and for party unity. Trump's deviation is he comes first in his world, and the GOP is his tool of convenience. Clinton was his power supply. Some people misunderstand Trump's narcissistic selfishness as draining the swamp. They don't want to see reality because they know deep down acknowledgment of it is a colossal mistake. Better to pretend, justifying with "fake news" and all manner of "Clinton" and "Obama" disparagement and undoing, than to face music of their narrowest decision.

Trump's team treats symptoms. But as long as the disease infects the host, symptoms will appear with need of address. The longer the disease is untreated, the weaker becomes the patient. It is a sickness America can't afford. The ills Trump does, his followers assign to Obama. This isn't a matter of he said she said either. Obama was stable. Trump is not.

  • We all better hope not.Robert, Thu Oct 19 10:11am
    Collectively they might be the best defense team going back several Administrations. Like the Senator from Tennessee says---they stand between Trump and chaos. This group couldn't have come at a... more
    • Hmmmm....me and my conspiracies...PH👀EY, Sun Oct 22 1:00pm
      Et tu Brute. And Caesar comes to power. The generals are control. It's the wrong kind. Are these "guards" going to want to do this task for another 3 plus years?
    • Protection of the country — Pikes, Thu Oct 19 12:10pm
      • The Senator IS concerned about the Country.Robert, Fri Oct 20 1:01pm
        Otherwise, good post as usual.
        • Perhaps this;Pikes, Fri Oct 20 6:38pm
          The republican senator's concern is more for protection of the GOP reputation, and less for welfare of the country, except country as perceived by GOP interpretation. We can say a democratic... more