truth about uranium
Thu Oct 19, 2017 7:42pm

I have a minor in geology. Don't talk about it much. But I know about uranium, and this so-called deal the right cooked up. I know what's true and what isn't. Most of it isn't.

Russia has no need for uranium. Russia, China, Canada and US have the world's richest reserves. Pitchblende is the European ore, where as carnotite is the American source. This is found primarily in Jurassic to Cretaceous sedimentary deposits, uplifted by some kind of orogeny. The Rockies, Alps, Urals, and Pamirs all have it. So do Himalaya and Andes.

Many think uranium, nuclear power as alternate to fossil fuels. There is <50 years of uranium left to be mined on the earth. It is incredibly rare, because it appears fusion of it requires energy of a black hole absorbing a neutron star. An ordinary supernova isn't big enough. Must be a K type blue supergiant star that collapses, paired with at least a main sequence star, the bombardment of particles from which triggers a neutron star collapse.

Uranium isn't an energy godsend. For existing nuclear powers its use in nuclear energy is limited by scarcity.

  • And from other sources at the time?et, Thu Oct 19 6:30pm
    She was selling it to the Canada company while the company was negotiating or in process of selling the company to Russia.
    • truth about uranium — Pikes, Thu Oct 19 7:42pm