Look up Scott Edmisten (nm)
Fri Oct 20, 2017 10:14am

  • First, "bump stocks". Now, "ghost guns"Jeeves, Wed Oct 18 4:02pm
    I had never heard of these. Cops Uncover Homemade Assault Weapons, Silencers, Thousands of Rounds of Ammo in Motel Room Couple busted with cache of totally legal, and totally untraceable, ‘ghost... more
    • Look up Scott Edmisten (nm) — PH💀💀EY, Fri Oct 20 10:14am
    • Ghost CarsMerlin, Wed Oct 18 4:41pm
      Not sure what the bang for the buck is...other than looking cool. ;-)
      • Ed "Big Daddy" RothJeeves, Wed Oct 18 5:08pm
        For those of us of a certain age, cool cars are Big Daddy's cars...