Some yall
Fri Oct 20, 2017 1:03pm

ain't right.

  • Said thatPikes, Thu Oct 19 7:28pm
    about the huge pile of paperwork in my post about bureaucratic paperwork;article=686146;title=Civilized%20General%20Discussion over the kidney... more
    • Some yall — et, Fri Oct 20 1:03pm
      • In the head? (nm)PH👹👹EY, Fri Oct 20 2:22pm
        • Re: In the head? et, Fri Oct 20 4:39pm
          Head, big toe, hard to tell the difference all in the same place? Like infants in a crib chewing on their big toe, and cut a tooth but continue on anyway out of habit, pouting and raising cane over... more