Two possible/plausible explanations.
Fri Oct 20, 2017 3:44pm (XFF:

OK. So the cameras didn't significantly change Police behavior...

...probably because the majority of Police behavior is justified. If they were already doing what they SHOULD have been doing WITHOUT cameras, why would they do anything different WITH cameras?

As far as there being fewer citizen complaints when Police Officers wear body cameras, that's probably because citizens know that there is now video evidence of what happened, so if they make a false claim about Police behavior, their lie will be easily exposed.

  • Usually, we behave better when we know we’re being watched. According to decades of research, the presence of other people, cameras or even just a picture of eyes seems to nudge us toward civility:... more
    • Two possible/plausible explanations. — SES, Fri Oct 20 3:44pm