I agree, majority of Police behavior is justified.
Fri Oct 20, 2017 4:01pm

But there is nevertheless a significant minority that is not justified, but police officers continue to exhibit such unjustified behavior at the same rate despite knowing full well and being conscious of the fact that they are videotaping both themselves and the citizen involved.

I think that says something about the state of mind and transient diminished capacity of the officer.

As for fewer civilian complaints, "For seven months, just over a thousand Washington, D.C., police officers were randomly assigned cameras and another thousand were not. Researchers tracked use-of-force incidents, civilian complaints, charging decisions and other outcomes to see if the cameras changed behavior. But on every metric, the effects were too small to be statistically significant. Officers with cameras used force and faced civilian complaints at about the same rates as officers without cameras."

  • Two possible/plausible explanations.SES, Fri Oct 20 3:44pm
    OK. So the cameras didn't significantly change Police behavior... ...probably because the majority of Police behavior is justified. If they were already doing what they SHOULD have been doing WITHOUT ... more
    • I agree, majority of Police behavior is justified. — Merlin, Fri Oct 20 4:01pm