The world would not be so interesting
Fri Oct 20, 2017 6:05pm

without different people bringing their different perspectives and visions into the mix.

I saw a pile of paperwork representative of bureaucracy obstructing a necessary, life saving procedure for a child.
You saw a clerk and used your own opportunity to call it and me racist.

I see the Collegiate peaks as tall ships, with snow sails stretched from mast to mast. I see Cuerno Verde's Spanish gold treasure cached somewhere in the Mt. Princeton chalk cliffs seeping out every fall, following the creeks across the valley floor to the Arkansas River, coloring the leaves of the aspen. I see the funny snowfield we call the Line Glacier as God's glissade, providing summiteers opportunity to turn two hours of terrible talus descent into ten minutes of unparalleled fun down its frozen water slide. I see the buoyant air around the mountain lifting the raven and para sail with equal opportunity to float in the ethereal daylight.

The Lost Treasure of Mt. Princeton

Would I trade my sick head to toe to be you? Not for a New York minute.

  • Re: In the head? et, Fri Oct 20 4:39pm
    Head, big toe, hard to tell the difference all in the same place? Like infants in a crib chewing on their big toe, and cut a tooth but continue on anyway out of habit, pouting and raising cane over... more