Sat Oct 21, 2017 10:52am

If these were sub human then why were they too in attendance in Sunday at the white churches, granted, segregated. I could do an entire litany of inclusion. Much of it in service but then again the white culture was dominant just as surely as the Astors and Whitneys and Vanderbilts of the North. I believe Northern Whites were fixated upon race. They could see the difference in color and employment. They compared this to their upper and middle class northern social do-gooder imperatives. Rather than clean up their own house, they fixated upon the Southern culture. And played into the talons of the moneyed Yankee imperialists. Not unlike the politically correct BS going on today. Something left out of the issue about "freeing" the slaves. One never ever reads a thing about the misery suffered by the negroes created by this "emancipation." Starvation and sickness was a common occurrence. But, BUT....ah freedom.....

  • They Just Happened to All Be BlackMerlin, Fri Oct 20 5:53pm
    and were deemed to be sub-human because they were black. But no, slavery in the South was not racist. Sweat shop mills exploited their workers, true, but not based on race.
    • Sub-human? — PH🙄😳EY, Sat Oct 21 10:52am
      • back then? It sure as hell sounds like it.
        • Yes. It was an economic system.PH👍🏿👍🏿EY, Mon Oct 23 3:41pm
          It's all relative. The large tracts of land could not be productive without low wage unskilled labor. It not like it was personal. Just like with any economic system, there was abuse by a few mean... more
        • I suspect he's saying?et, Mon Oct 23 2:06am
          That that government the Yanks fought for and to strengthen, didn't give much a doodly damn about them after they freed them?
          • Yep! But I left that out.PH👏🏾👏🏾EY, Mon Oct 23 3:45pm
            Don't want to overwhelm the New England Yankees with overload. Siagiah would have made for a real good hoop skirted Southetn belle, mistress of the big house and social queen of Baton Rouge.