I call it 'tough love.'
Sat Oct 21, 2017 11:01am

Plain speak is direct. There is no room for the smiley tooth fake sympathy. It's a good hard fact. The trained killer knew what was the score. The real issue here that this OC bullshit avoids is the betrayal of this guy and the general military soldier. The takeover by corporate profit motivated warfare is what is the problem. This incident is a great segue into debating the con that is destroying our military. Profit motivated warfare IS the issue!!

  • " he knew what he was getting into when he signed up, but I guess it hurts anyway. " = " while it was a tragedy that he was killed, at least he was doing what he wanted to do. " Well, as you may have ... more
    • I call it 'tough love.' — PH👀EY, Sat Oct 21 11:01am
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      • Well Bauer...HeavyHemi, Wed Oct 18 5:49pm
        Do you really think several of us are not onto your game and have been for years. Now run along and role play 'victim of autism' elsewhere.
        • Haha😃 One of your better posts. (nm)PH🙃🙃EY, Sat Oct 21 11:03am
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              Any time someone wants revenge, retribution, "justice" or accountability beyond their power to enforce, s/he calls on "god" as that ultimate, final authority to whom all will account. Never... more
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