Sat Oct 21, 2017 6:30pm

I like a bit of salacious commentary. And a dash of gossip, too. A good scandal now and again. Human nature. But the nonstop bashing of the Presidency is weakening the whole. It is a major distraction interfering with national and international stability. Yes, some believe throwing nuts and bolts into the "machinery" will keep his agenda from enactment. But it's so damned vicious, that I find it worrisome for a number of reasons, including corralling a known psychology into launching a war. Let us hope we can survive the next 3 plus years.

  • Battles need to be pickedPikes, Sat Oct 21 5:41pm
    and this isn't one of them. You can't just throw $h!t at Trump all the time. Like profanity, it loses impact. I rarely cuss, and when I do, the OP knows I'm really mad. It is reserved so its impact... more
    • Absolutely! — PH👀EY, Sat Oct 21 6:30pm
      • his never ending peccadillos, then there wouldn't be a problem, now would there? People are NOT just sitting outside the white house watching his every move to twist things around to attack him. He... more
        • Yes and no my friend.Robert, Mon Oct 23 2:09pm
          No, people are definitely sitting around waiting to pounce on even the slightest mis-step---watched CNN/NBC/MSNBC lately!? Read the NYT lately!? Yes, unfortunately the dork does in fact supply a LOT... more
          • He doesn't just supply...wondering, Mon Oct 23 5:22pm
            a lot of material, and it isn't just mis-steps. He very often STARTS the media frenzy by being the first to pounce on the "slightest" of nonsense and then blowing everything all out of proportion.... more
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