I am uncomfortable with
Sat Oct 21, 2017 7:13pm

military generals in the civilian White House. Perhaps he lies in other venues and deserves no credit at all. Certainly he must know 9-11 is a inside job. He can clear his conscience if he has one by blowing a whistle.

  • But he should have to peel potatoes for a month for participating hand in hand with Sanders in blowing smoke to obscure the truth. I've spent enough years in smoke filled rooms to see thru their... more
    • I am uncomfortable with — PH👁👁EY, Sat Oct 21 7:13pm
      • I toowondering, Sun Oct 22 11:36pm
        am uncomfortable with military generals in a civilian White House. I think there is a rule about military generals not being allowed to run for President or civilian political office until after a... more
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