If tRUMP invented a simple, affordable cure for all cancer
Sun Oct 22, 2017 2:33am

I'd EXPECT him to charge a bloody fortune for it and limit who can have it, an expectation based on past experience. However, if he didn't do those things, but instead gave it free to folks OR he charged a fair & reasonable price for it as well as made it available to everyone, then, yeah, I'd be downright shocked, but I'd publicly commend him for it.

No, it wouldn't likely change my intense dislike and distrust of the man, that are both based on factors & experiences that thoroughly support my feelings about him. However, it absolutely would AFFECT & CHANGE my overall view of him to also include the new information that there are good parts to him too. As a result, given enough time to feel confident that there wasn't some "secret agenda" behind his abrupt change in behavior, then ultimately, I'd be slightly less likely to automatically expect the worst of him and I'd be happy that I'd found "the good" in him. Believe me, I've been looking for it.

Thus far, I've not seen a single thing about the man that I think is positive or favorable. Nothing. That's just SO sad, because he's got to be one of the very FEW individuals that I've not been able to find a single thing that I can say is a good thing about him. Nothing. Frankly, that upsets me because Charles Manson is the poster boy for the people I see NOTHING positive in. He's got NO loyalty for anyone or anything but himself. He certainly has talents and abilities. But, those things do not make a person good or bad. Who he is deep down does. I don't think he HAS anything whatsoever "deep down" that is made of anything but his overwhelming personal needs. No one else matters. People exist for his benefit. I'm sure he's done some good things for other people over the years. Sadly, I fear that the goodness resulting were simply side effects and not the actual REASON for him doing something. After all, his own charity hasn't gotten a PENNY from him since 2008. Every penny given is someone else's money. He just wants the "glory" but he's not willing to let it cost HIM anything.

So, if you've found something positive about him, do tell, because I don't think that he belongs in a group that includes the likes of Charles Manson. OTOH, I'm not entirely convinced that he would be all that disturbed if he managed to actually kill some people along life's pathways.. He clearly doesn't care if his actions destroy lives. So, taking lives as a result of making himself happy is just the next step, isn't it? Now, I don't see him as someone who'd DELIBERATELY kill someone, but I don't think he'd lose any sleep over it if he was sure he'd never be caught.

As for tRUMP hatred? Sure, I recognize that it's all over the place, here, there, everywhere. For crissakes, not a single day can go by without him giving folks more reasons to despise him. He's a horrible man. Not just a horrible POTUS.

That said, I, personally, wouldn't give him more than a moment's thought if he wasn't the POTUS. That's how little he or my intense dislike of him means to me when he's not in a position of potentially destroying this planet with his recklessness, out of control ego, and inability to restrain himself even if it would be better for HIM to do so. With him in charge, I'm honestly afraid for the future of this nation and the world around us.

tRUMP did, in fact, lie about what he said. That's just ridiculous. WHY did he lie when everyone in the room & the car HEARD him and Kelly confirmed it?

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    • Lost in NoisePikes, Sun Oct 22 12:39pm
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    • If tRUMP invented a simple, affordable cure for all cancer — Sia☺giah, Sun Oct 22 2:33am
      • Sia and PikesRobert, Sun Oct 22 6:43pm
        See what I mean!? Smart people---Perspective---Hate lens...... And this from someone who shares your disdain for the SOB!
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