Would you please lay it out phonetically?
Sun Oct 22, 2017 11:11am

How would you pronounce it? I grew up with the Smiths and Jones. I grew up with whites and negroes. Forgive me for being an old fashioned bigot.....bigot in the sense that my generation could depend on first names being familiar no matter the ethnicity. No, it renders the person less pronounceable. There are very few "European" names on this board, handles are the thing. Frankly I do not care for the ridiculous made up names. What is it.....a return to roots? I saw a name over on the White Board regarding the brouhaha around alledged Trump phone call insensitivity. Are you ready? COWANDA. Give me a break

  • What is it about the name MyeshiaASC, Sat Oct 21 9:50pm
    that renders the person less of an American? If it is Swahili in origin, so what? Most Americans have names with foreign origins, so what is it about the notion of a name of African origin that makes ... more
    • Would you please lay it out phonetically? — PH👀EY, Sun Oct 22 11:11am
    • That African origin?et, Sat Oct 21 11:17pm
      • Who knows. It could be MartianPH👻👻EY, Sun Oct 22 11:15am
        When I see these bizarre derivatives, my sense is the parents could not spell when naming the child. Was it suppose to be Marsha, or Maria, or Marrikesh?
        • with not only denigrating a fellow American's name, simply because it's obviously an African American's name, but she is ALSO the new widow of a slain Green Beret who was emotionally injured by... more
          • Does she post here?PH🙄🙄EU, Mon Oct 23 3:55pm
            If so, I suggest she change her name to something more European. Or Native American. And the one named Cowanda ought to do the same. What is socially unacceptable about saying I cannot keep up with... more