Lost in Noise
Sun Oct 22, 2017 12:39pm

Will make it harder- makes it harder to be aware when Trump does something really bad. So far, lots of symptoms. He might be disease, and he might be a carrier. He may be a symptom too, seen in a correct perspective.

Televangelists like Bakker and Swaggart embraced Trump as a ?man of god?, calling him an instrument in God's hands destine to restore America back to God. We know trials and tribulations of modernday Christians are great; forced to endure hardships like an Obama presidency, knowledge that people can choose whom they love to marry, and women can make their own health choices. Their hardships rival trials and tribulations endured by Blacks during slavery, Jim Crow, and before those pesky unequalizing Civil Rights. Back in the good ole days when niggerlynchin' was nest to godliness.

Trump is a symptom of that attitude, and unfortunately, death is the only sure cure.

  • Trumps use of the phrase and Kelly's confirmation of it's intent and appropriateness >>>>> stupid/dishonest Trump's denial of the words. So much so, that it is a very good example of the danger of... more
    • Lost in Noise — Pikes, Sun Oct 22 12:39pm
    • I'd EXPECT him to charge a bloody fortune for it and limit who can have it, an expectation based on past experience. However, if he didn't do those things, but instead gave it free to folks OR he... more
      • Sia and PikesRobert, Sun Oct 22 6:43pm
        See what I mean!? Smart people---Perspective---Hate lens...... And this from someone who shares your disdain for the SOB!
        • My point is so much noise is made about Trump, really bad, despicable things he does may go unnoticed. I described a particular and vocal Trump constituency- certain televangelists, and said Trump is ... more