PH👀EY and my conspiracies...
Sun Oct 22, 2017 1:00pm

Et tu Brute. And Caesar comes to power. The generals are control. It's the wrong kind. Are these "guards" going to want to do this task for another 3 plus years?

  • We all better hope not.Robert, Thu Oct 19 10:11am
    Collectively they might be the best defense team going back several Administrations. Like the Senator from Tennessee says---they stand between Trump and chaos. This group couldn't have come at a... more
    • and my conspiracies... — PH👀EY, Sun Oct 22 1:00pm
    • Protection of the countryPikes, Thu Oct 19 12:10pm
      by standing in the way of Trump's idiocy isn't protection. Sooner or later idiocy finds a way through. In this case it will happen through resignation or termination. The republican senator's concern ... more
      • The Senator IS concerned about the Country.Robert, Fri Oct 20 1:01pm
        Otherwise, good post as usual.
        • Perhaps this;Pikes, Fri Oct 20 6:38pm
          The republican senator's concern is more for protection of the GOP reputation, and less for welfare of the country, except country as perceived by GOP interpretation. We can say a democratic... more