I too
Sun Oct 22, 2017 11:36pm

am uncomfortable with military generals in a civilian White House. I think there is a rule about military generals not being allowed to run for President or civilian political office until after a certain amount of time after they have retired from active duty, and there is a reason for that.

What truly disturbs me is that our culture has somehow crossed over from seeking peace and civility in society to glorifying and capitalizing on the politics of war and division.

When General Kelly talked about his best friend comforting him with the words of "he knew what he was getting into... as the 1% (elite)... he was doing exactly what he loved to do when he died... and he was with those he wanted to be with when he died..." those might have been comforting words to him as a soldier or general, but those words would hardly be comforting to that soldier's civilian wife or family. I think this shows the difference in how a military general or soldier thinks as opposed to a civilian.

Soldiers are trained to kill, destroy and tear down "the enemy." That's their job, and they can get very 'gung-ho' and focused about doing their job. Politics or peace-making is generally not in their arsenal of tools.

In today's culture, we often glorify the military as heroes and lose sight of what their job actually is or has been... which is to tear down and break things. And now we have a country that is breaking down, with deep divides over who or what "the enemy" is, and what we are actually trying to accomplish. We want "heroes" to save us from 'the enemy'... but more and more it seems that "the enemy is us..."

  • I am uncomfortable withPH👁👁EY, Sat Oct 21 7:13pm
    military generals in the civilian White House. Perhaps he lies in other venues and deserves no credit at all. Certainly he must know 9-11 is a inside job. He can clear his conscience if he has one by ... more
    • I too — wondering, Sun Oct 22 11:36pm
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