Precisely. He was duped. He wasn't the liar. (nm)
Mon Oct 23, 2017 12:20am

  • Something elsePikes, Sun Oct 22 12:12pm
    Powell made the UN plea based on evidence he was given. When he discovered the truth, he quietly, unceremoniously resigned. I assume you are familiar with the Honor Code? "We will not lie, steal, or... more
    • It's astounding that underlings would liePH👍🏿👍🏿EY, Sun Oct 22 12:48pm
      to the Secretary of State, set him up for egg on his face, thusly facilitating his departure. Okay, maybe he did not sell his soul. But, he was apparently snookered. On his watch. I wonder who the... more
      • Men close to the presidentPikes, Sun Oct 22 3:02pm
        looked for and found evidence to support their (his) agenda, rather than gathering evidence and intelligence and then forming a policy. Material they came across not in support of Saddam possession... more