You are seriously crossing socially unacceptable lines here
Mon Oct 23, 2017 1:00am

with not only denigrating a fellow American's name, simply because it's obviously an African American's name, but she is ALSO the new widow of a slain Green Beret who was emotionally injured by misunderstood and seriously clumsy words from tRUMP in a "condolence phone call". It's not bad enough that her family's feelings and pain have been publicly dragged into a disgusting personal battle of tRUMP's making ? So, you have to pile on more based on her unusual name?

  • Who knows. It could be MartianPH👻👻EY, Sun Oct 22 11:15am
    When I see these bizarre derivatives, my sense is the parents could not spell when naming the child. Was it suppose to be Marsha, or Maria, or Marrikesh?
    • You are seriously crossing socially unacceptable lines here — Sia☺giah, Mon Oct 23 1:00am
      • Does she post here?PH🙄🙄EU, Mon Oct 23 3:55pm
        If so, I suggest she change her name to something more European. Or Native American. And the one named Cowanda ought to do the same. What is socially unacceptable about saying I cannot keep up with... more