And I suspect that should they fail to make the change
Mon Oct 23, 2017 9:20am

they will receive threats as well...

Just from a different group.

There are wingnuts on both ends of the spectrum.

I don't particularly care either way whether they do or do not.

But why not select a president to name the school after for a president who did something unique for education... Instead of simply picking a president to name the school after purely based on his skin color?

  • How daih, ah say, how DAIH they dishonah the noble Jefferson Davis name! Jefferson Davis elementary school in Mississippi to be renamed after Obama (excerpts) Mississippi elementary school will... more
    • Better to honor righteous leaders PH👀EY, Mon Oct 23 4:06pm
      than use numbers to designate like is done in NYC. "Little Johhnny, where do you go to school?" "Oh I go to number 27 over on Flatfoot street."
    • And I suspect that should they fail to make the change — Sprout, Mon Oct 23 9:20am
    • God bless the SouthPH👻👻EY, Fri Oct 20 2:30pm
      for respecting its history and its heros. I can understand changing the name, given its an African-American populated school. But to name it after Obama? Mr."hope and change?" And he sho did leave... more
      • If they want to change it, let them. Pikes, Fri Oct 20 6:14pm
        Later they may want to change it again. It's their school. Most "information" passed on about Obama is folklore. I hope to live to see when the dust settles and he is visible for who he is, and what... more
      • Songs of the SouthMerlin, Fri Oct 20 4:11pm
      • "...he sho did..." Seriously?Poppet, Fri Oct 20 3:23pm
        Gosh, maybe you could put on blackface when you type shit like that.
        • Being a son of the dead old South,PH👏🏾👍🏿EY, Sat Oct 21 10:08am
          I can use this manner of speech. If you used this style, you would be a racist. But I cannot be accused of such anymore than an African-American can be denied his right to refer to a DNA kinsman as a ... more
        • I must confessJeeves, Fri Oct 20 6:53pm
          I probably invited that with my Foghorn Leghorn impression.
          • Yes, you did.PH👁EY, Sat Oct 21 10:13am
            You were very disrespectful to the president of the CONFEDERATE States. And your pigeon negro dialect was a sad rendition. You need MO practice.
            • I thought you said you were SouthernJeeves, Mon Oct 23 10:47am
              " your pigeon negro dialect was a sad rendition. " That's because it was a redneck dialect. You should be able to tell the difference. Foghorn Leghorn : The character of Foghorn Leghorn was directly... more
            • I have a Black best friendPikes, Sat Oct 21 10:55am
              who I frequently ask for translations into English, things he says. Our differences are the strongest bonds of respect and friendship.
              • Thank you.PH👏🏾👏🏾EY, Sat Oct 21 11:20am
                While in say I hate diversity (caveated), eating apple pie ONLY is sho no fun. It's the differences that make the difference...and enrich life's experience. I had a friend (rip) born in the hollows... more
    • Well, let's hope not. Sia☺giah, Fri Oct 20 12:07am
      I cannot fathom why a 98% black elementary school would have kept that name for its school for all these years. It's just bizarre.
    • Sounds racist..et, Thu Oct 19 6:37pm
      Since race had nothing to do with its original name.
      • Good point👍🏿 (nm)PH👻👻EY, Fri Oct 20 2:31pm
      • You don't REALLY believe that, right?Sia☺giah, Fri Oct 20 12:09am
        You're just trolling, aren't you? Because, if you don't understand just HOW racist it was to name the school as it was, particularly with its student body demographics, then there's a serious... more
        • When was the school named? Was the student body always 98% black? I seriously doubt race had anthing t do with the naming of the school,any school. But race does with the renaming it ...
          • Yep! (nm)PH👏🏾👏🏾EY , Fri Oct 20 2:40pm
      • however.
        • Having slaves was not racist.PH🙄🙄EY , Fri Oct 20 5:35pm
          It was a matter a need for workers. There were none. So, the Arabs sold them the excess. The imports could just as easily been white. Of course heaven forbid the sweatshop mills up north be call... more
          • “Slave level pay”Jeeves, Fri Oct 20 6:42pm
            What an interesting phrase. How much were slaves paid? If you were a woman working in a sweatshop, did the sweatshop owner own your child? Could he sell your child to another sweatshop owner? If you... more
            • I was creating a general comparison.PH👏🏾👍🏿EY, Sat Oct 21 10:37am
              But if you must be picky: Slave level pay = room, board, allowance, and medical care. Sweatshop morality: If one's child was ground up in the woolen dyeing process, tough luck. And starvation wages... more
              • From the general to the specificJeeves, Mon Oct 23 10:34am
                You have a choice: you can be a slave on a Mississippi cotton plantation or a worker in a New York factory. Of the two bad choices, which do you choose?
                • That's easy! Slave in the old South.PH👏🏾👏🏾EY, Mon Oct 23 3:33pm
                  Better weather, and a health care plan exceeding that of the horses. Frankly, I cannot think of a deeper wider purgatory than to be stuck in NYC on a slave-wage in a cotton mill fire- trap. And da... more
          • They Just Happened to All Be BlackMerlin, Fri Oct 20 5:53pm
            and were deemed to be sub-human because they were black. But no, slavery in the South was not racist. Sweat shop mills exploited their workers, true, but not based on race.
            • Sub-human?PH🙄😳EY, Sat Oct 21 10:52am
              If these were sub human then why were they too in attendance in Sunday at the white churches, granted, segregated. I could do an entire litany of inclusion. Much of it in service but then again the... more
              • back then? It sure as hell sounds like it.
                • Yes. It was an economic system.PH👍🏿👍🏿EY, Mon Oct 23 3:41pm
                  It's all relative. The large tracts of land could not be productive without low wage unskilled labor. It not like it was personal. Just like with any economic system, there was abuse by a few mean... more
                • I suspect he's saying?et, Mon Oct 23 2:06am
                  That that government the Yanks fought for and to strengthen, didn't give much a doodly damn about them after they freed them?
                  • Yep! But I left that out.PH👏🏾👏🏾EY, Mon Oct 23 3:45pm
                    Don't want to overwhelm the New England Yankees with overload. Siagiah would have made for a real good hoop skirted Southetn belle, mistress of the big house and social queen of Baton Rouge.
        • Said thatPikes, Thu Oct 19 7:28pm
          about the huge pile of paperwork in my post about bureaucratic paperwork http://disc.yourwebapps.com/discussion.cgi?disc=206964;article=686146;title=Civilized%20General%20Discussion over the kidney... more
          • Some yallet, Fri Oct 20 1:03pm
            ain't right.
            • In the head? (nm)PH👹👹EY, Fri Oct 20 2:22pm
              • Re: In the head? et, Fri Oct 20 4:39pm
                Head, big toe, hard to tell the difference all in the same place? Like infants in a crib chewing on their big toe, and cut a tooth but continue on anyway out of habit, pouting and raising cane over... more
    • Hopefully Not...Amadeus, Thu Oct 19 3:12pm
      ...since the change was pushed by parents, and the students are 98 percent black. Threats would have to come from outsiders. Possible, but less likely, I would hope. Amadeus