Does she post here?
Mon Oct 23, 2017 3:55pm

If so, I suggest she change her name to something more European. Or Native American. And the one named Cowanda ought to do the same. What is socially unacceptable about saying I cannot keep up with all the PC misspells. I still await a proper pronouncement. You want to try? Emotionally injured? She was honored by the Presudent. He is a pig in a poke, but I doubt he was of a devil heart and sought to hurt her. Lighten a few more years you will be used to the Trumpster.

  • with not only denigrating a fellow American's name, simply because it's obviously an African American's name, but she is ALSO the new widow of a slain Green Beret who was emotionally injured by... more
    • Does she post here? — PH🙄🙄EU, Mon Oct 23 3:55pm