He doesn't just supply...
Mon Oct 23, 2017 5:22pm

a lot of material, and it isn't just mis-steps. He very often STARTS the media frenzy by being the first to pounce on the "slightest" of nonsense and then blowing everything all out of proportion. IE, making an issue out of the flag and NFL players... the birther comments... accusing others of lying and being disrespectful while it is he who lies, attacks, and disrespects others over and over, even war heroes and those suffering in Puerto Rico. In his latest charade, he accused previous Presidents of not calling the families of fallen soldiers. He just lies and lies and lies... and attacks and attacks and attacks the "fake" news media while it he who fabricates and wants people to believe fake news. He is an attention whore. He WANTS the media to talk about him constantly and then whine about how mistreated he is and how "fake" they are. And he just keeps "doubling down" even when caught in his lies. Everything has to be all about him. It's just disgusting, Robert. Really.

  • Yes and no my friend.Robert, Mon Oct 23 2:09pm
    No, people are definitely sitting around waiting to pounce on even the slightest mis-step---watched CNN/NBC/MSNBC lately!? Read the NYT lately!? Yes, unfortunately the dork does in fact supply a LOT... more
    • He doesn't just supply... — wondering, Mon Oct 23 5:22pm
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