Something within me has been stolen.
Tue Oct 24, 2017 3:50pm

Well, not completely. The music is moving. Very beautiful. My understanding about how 9-11 came about precludes me from normal emotional feelings in a manner that disregards that for who and what the outrage was planned and executed. Babylon is fallen until justice is netted out to the traitorous perps. This applies to a number of inside jobs since then, the latest attack upon the citizenry the Las Vegas multitude of shooters, FBI LIES, and MSM cover. I just look at remembrances and think how brain dead is the public to allow this shite to go on and not rise up with a great anger upon those perpetuators of these in-house conspired rampages. I am left feeling as if a macabre fiction is being performed, a psyops, that has our enslavement as the intended agenda. Thank you for your link and your sensitive post..... In that regard not all is stolen.

  • Gold Star ConsecrationPikes, Tue Oct 24 2:05pm
    His Guardian Angel's Watch If you watch and listen to this and are not moved, then I can't help you. Not you specifically. You the listener. I can't help... more
    • Homeboymoved, Mon Dec 11 4:00am
      you play such nice music, but not everyone likes the same kind of music, some do not like music at all, so keep doing what you do. it is nice.
    • Something within me has been stolen. — PH👁EY, Tue Oct 24 3:50pm
      • I may not agree with a posterPikes, Wed Oct 25 1:04pm
        But unless personally attacked or provoked, I won't make an issue of it. I do not subscribe or believe in most conspiracy theories. To me, they're beliefs. But darn if another person doesn't have the ... more
        • Good wise post! (nm)PH👏🏾👏🏾EY, Thu Oct 26 4:04pm
        • That's about all...wondering, Wed Oct 25 1:59pm
          any of us can say. Yes, it is far more probable that we will be taken down by a microscopic disease or organism. Yet many are more fearful of the more obvious forces of man or nature. However, the... more