Speaking of "White Privilege" bunk have you seen that video?
Wed Oct 25, 2017 12:16pm (XFF:

There's a video going around where a guy has 30 or 40 college-age kids lined up at the edge of a field.

There's going to be a footrace, and the winner gets $100.

But first he asks a series of questions, and kids who answer "Yes" can take a step forward.

The questions are like "Are your mother and father married?", "Did you have access to a private education?", "Were you free to go to school instead of earning money to help support your family?"

By the end of the questioning there are kids with a big lead, and other kinds still at the starting line.

The condescending guy starts talking about how the Black kids at the starting line are so disadvantaged by things that were not under their control, and how if they had the same advantages they'd be able to easily win the money (assuming that Blacks can run faster than Whites, which was ironically the most racist thing said during the video).

What the video MISSES is -- all of the WHITE KIDS who were ALSO still at the starting line.

Wasn't that convenient?

There's no such thing as "White Privilege".

What there IS is "Economic Privilege".

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    • Speaking of "White Privilege" bunk have you seen that video? — SES, Wed Oct 25 12:16pm
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      • And you're too ignorant to realize it. You wasted your college education.
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    • I have less white privilege nowDeplorable Pheoma, Tue Oct 24 5:26pm
      because as I am get older I am losing my ability to do advanced math. I guess I am supposed to feel good about it.
      • I am no longer white!PH👻👻EY, Thu Oct 26 6:46am
        I have turned gray.
        • Einstein told TedescoPikes, Thu Oct 26 10:12am
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      • looking like George Hamilton.