So, "college kids', already you've removed something key...
Wed Oct 25, 2017 12:40pm

And you're too ignorant to realize it. You wasted your college education.

  • There's a video going around where a guy has 30 or 40 college-age kids lined up at the edge of a field. There's going to be a footrace, and the winner gets $100. But first he asks a series of... more
    • There Are BOTH...Amadeus, Wed Oct 25 4:32pm
      The video was demonstrating advantage, not just white privilege. But white privilege has been demonstrated quite effectively in experiments that show for example that white people are more likely to... more
      • I was thinking today about the inequality of a circle. No part of a circle can be divided equally. One side, one half circumference, one half radius, one degree always must have one infinitesimally... more
        • Well uh....wondering, Thu Oct 26 1:13am
          If you struck gold today, and joined the ranks of the privileged... Congratulations!!! Even if it did involve more luck than effort. :) Just remember the golden rule. He who has the gold makes the... more
          • I know where tons of gold existPikes, Thu Oct 26 1:47am
            NGC4993 I had a star named for my beloved. Don't recall the coordinates- that's on the certificate. You can do that. Makes a dandy Christmas present to somebody you love. But perhaps we can stake a... more