I may not agree with a poster
Wed Oct 25, 2017 1:04pm

But unless personally attacked or provoked, I won't make an issue of it. I do not subscribe or believe in most conspiracy theories. To me, they're beliefs. But darn if another person doesn't have the right to believe them if he chooses. At the end of the day, he may be right.

Many of us may feel betrayed by our government. Or by our friends, or people we know. Shakespeare wrote of the thousand natural shocks life endures. Each one numbs a little more. You were shocked a lot. So was I. We each endure as we do, and who is to say which is true? Sometimes we are so haughty, convinced what "we" know is true. The truth. In the grand plan, if there is a grand plan, our contribution is insignificant. We can be taken down by a colossal force of energy into a black hole, or from a disease that takes us at the microscopic level. The first is unlikely, and the latter probable.

The petty fights "we" have on social media, here, there and everywhere mean what? Are they worth one natural shock? A hundred? A thousand? Even if we have to agree to disagree, is it not better not to fight? Some won't let it go, and seek to hurt and cause harm and havoc. I try to avoid them. Don't always. Hypocritical? Sure. Whether deliberate or forgotten, it's human. At the end of the day, it is the end of the day. Nothing more and nothing less. Shakespeare asked if to be or not to be was the question. It is. God's original name; I am.

  • Something within me has been stolen.PH👁EY, Tue Oct 24 3:50pm
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    • I may not agree with a poster — Pikes, Wed Oct 25 1:04pm
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      • That's about all...wondering, Wed Oct 25 1:59pm
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