I saw lots of names
Wed Oct 25, 2017 1:53pm

Parents who used a creative spelling, or got inspiration from an unusual place.

One girl's name I paused at, and I asked, "how do you pronounce your name?" She replied "sha-THEED." It was spelled Shithead.
There was another girl, Sarah King, and her brother Nosmo. Nosmo King. No Smoking.

There was Summer Batty. Some are batty and others not.

Roland Dohe. Pronounced as he said it, "Rollin' Dough." Played football.

Weed, Loverboy, Tickle, Twinky, Salamander, all names of students.

  • Better her than youSJW, Wed Oct 25 10:08am
    Sadly, that isn't the case. Despite her lack of a name of which you approve, she at least appears to be ssane.
    • I saw lots of names — Pikes, Wed Oct 25 1:53pm