There Are BOTH...
Wed Oct 25, 2017 4:32pm (XFF:

The video was demonstrating advantage, not just white privilege.

But white privilege has been demonstrated quite effectively in experiments that show for example that white people are more likely to be called for job interviews than black people (all other things being equal). Others have shown that whites are treated differently from blacks in other contexts, as well. Like in law enforcement situations.

Referencing that some of the racers might still run a good race or make it competitive isn't being racist. It's to dispel the idea that advantage necessarily equates to results. That is the biggest denial that you hear when you talk with someone about privilege who doesn't understand it.

If there is a 100 yard race, and you get to start at the 50 yard mark, that doesn't mean you win the race. You still have to get to the finish line. And if you sit on your butt and let people who had to start at the starting line race past you, that doesn't negate that you started with an advantage. Some who start with the advantage run hard. They put out as much effort as they can, and they cross the finish line, and they get angry when someone says that their finish was due to anything except their effort. Recognizing the truth of the advantage (the privilege) doesn't negate the effort. It's just an honest examination of the reality of the situation. Nobody expects you to not cross that finish line. Nobody expects you to somehow give back your finish. All that's required is the basic decency to say, "Yeah, I started at the 50 yard mark. It was an advantage that not everyone has."

Once you can do that, then perhaps you might feel motivated to help those who don't have the advantages you have.