There is a handicap, and there are the handicapped
Wed Oct 25, 2017 5:40pm

I was thinking today about the inequality of a circle. No part of a circle can be divided equally. One side, one half circumference, one half radius, one degree always must have one infinitesimally small inequality to satisfy the circle. And yet nature admires the circle almost to the point of obsession. Orbits, bubbles, life cycles, geologic cycles all approach circles. But none achieve "perfection." Every clock loses or gains a fraction of a minute (my newt, not min nut) infinitesimally small error. Even time isn't perfect. It contains a flaw. Cycle of the Big Bang from start to finish has one eeny teeny tiny mynewt flawed piece of inequality prohibiting perfection of arrival or completion. Prevents satisfaction.

On days like this, severed from the human condition, I believe I don't care what Trump said, or who insulted who. Gold is old as the universe, and less dangerous than uranium. No such thing as pure gold. Doesn't exist. Even its atom is missing something mynewt. Gold makes one kind of weapon.
Uranium makes another. My tongue isn't going to be a third. Not today.

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    • There is a handicap, and there are the handicapped — Pikes, Wed Oct 25 5:40pm
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