I know where tons of gold exist
Thu Oct 26, 2017 1:47am


I had a star named for my beloved. Don't recall the coordinates- that's on the certificate. You can do that. Makes a dandy Christmas present to somebody you love.

But perhaps we can stake a claim to the NGC4993 gold and platinum. Took the light 130 million years to reach earth. Velocity of the neutronova (can't be a supernova) debris cloud should deliver a few atoms of gold to the earth about 1.8 billion years after the Big Crunch.

In a simpler time when the universe was smaller, God was just beyond the limit of human understanding. Like in a sky nobody ever flew up into until the Montgolfier brothers. Or out there among stars, what ever those are. Now we can think back to the Big Bang fourteen billion years ago and fourteen billion light years away, and God is still beyond that.

Like the flaw of the circle, somehow I don't believe that is ever going to be resolved.

  • Well uh....wondering, Thu Oct 26 1:13am
    If you struck gold today, and joined the ranks of the privileged... Congratulations!!! Even if it did involve more luck than effort. :) Just remember the golden rule. He who has the gold makes the... more
    • I know where tons of gold exist — Pikes, Thu Oct 26 1:47am