IMO the modern "conservative" is often remarkably wasteful
Thu Oct 26, 2017 9:10pm

They are most often not good stewards of any resources including their own finances.

The religious commonly believe God created the earth for them to use. Their use is abuse and wasteful, based on the premise and belief God will destroy this earth and heaven, and create a new one for them. They deny science in favor of prophecy rooted in the reading of portends in the entrails of sacrificed animals disemboweled on stone slabs called altars, and imagery seen on the surface of bowls of oatmeal, grits, soups, and burned on toast.

The moderately well off to wealthy commonly believe it is their earned right to do as they please. They're wasteful because they can afford to be. They are often stingy to a fault, but one can't use the word niggardly because they take offense. They would rather waste resources on their own than conserve them and give what they don't need to anyone else. They commonly inspire the less fortunate by telling them to pull themselves up by the boot straps.

If it appears I have some contempt for these individuals, that is no illusion. Resources are not unlimited, nor are they God's or a god's gift for human benefit and capitalization. We have a duty to conserve and preserve them because we can.

It is damn fine to see you again! I hope you and yours are all happy and content. Welcome back!

  • good question...donk, Thu Oct 26 8:23pm
    I think they long for a time they imagined existed. The "status quo?"
    • IMO the modern "conservative" is often remarkably wasteful — Pikes, Thu Oct 26 9:10pm
      • thanksdonk, Wed Nov 1 10:10am
        As you might surmise, our nuevo politics is baffling (to me), but not surprising. Of course, we agree although you're far more eloquent than I. How can we teach "critical thinking skills" within the... more