Why is Trump universally defended by internet trolls?
Fri Oct 27, 2017 10:32am

No other constituency so uniformly supports Trump as the association of internet trolls. (Ain't)

Ability of ambulance chaser lawyers, career politicians, and even the most vicious right-wing rags to shift blame, accusations and troubles onto somebody else pale before ain't, who scrub Trump and fling feces until he appears cleaner than Mr Clean himself. Clinton might be a dirt bag. But Trump is a feed lot.

You are laughable, and entertainment of the day will be the fit of apoplexy into which you descend as your shorts are dropt and your shortcoming is exposed. Got opioids?

  • The Clinton Campaign colluded with Russia, getting them to do the research that ended up in the infamous Trump "dossier". Specific, flagrant, intentional, actual collusion, intended to influence the... more
    • You've Got Yourself Muddled, Sir...Amadeus, Thu Oct 26 5:53pm
      A Republican financed the dossier, until Trump got the nomination. Then, Fusion GPS went looking for a new sponsor, and found the DNC (as one might expect) willing to pick up the tab. But it was... more