The Las Vegas con that keeps on giving.
Fri Oct 27, 2017 10:53am

The lies just keep on piling us. A few inexplicables one might overlook. But the inexplicable is this mess would be any scintilla of a truth because there is not one truth uttered except the massacre dis occur. Other than that, the official government/Mob story is one gigantic cesspool of badly constructed deceptions. My own view is Jesus Campos never existed, was never a security guard, and likely suicided Paddock. Could not escape as pre-planned, shot himself in the leg ( if that is even a fact), and his story is total fabrication. The hero status is a connivance. He "disappears" prior to MSM interviews at hotel. Public lied to that he is at a "health" clinic, but turns up in Mexico only to return to be on the Ellen Show along with handler Steve Schuck. Here we have the only witness to Padfock being the shooter and he is allowed to drive to Mexico? Hello! But it gets creepier. The "Jesus" on Ellen is not the same physical "Jesus the hero." See attached link:

  • Third video up from the bottomPH💀💀EY, Fri Oct 20 11:29am
    is about one hour. It's well worth the time. She is very entertaining, too. Smart lady. This video is in two contiguous sections. The first half is her eye witness testimony. The second part has the... more
    • The Las Vegas con that keeps on giving. — PH🔫⚰EY, Fri Oct 27 10:53am
      • The harvest of lies becomes thePH🐀🐀EY, Thu Nov 2 12:08pm
        harvest of truth. Whereby MSM fails the public trust by covering up the official lies, Indy Media continues to expose the Las Vegas false flag operation. You think you know the reality? Think again.... more
        • The Shadow knows. Seven Vegas shooters confirmed!PH💀⚰EY, Wed Nov 8 10:31am
          Of course a conspiracy, mass murder and mayhem against the Citizens of this nation by a fifth column piggybacking on our security institutions is far less important than the great salacious soap... more
          • HANDS UP!!PH🐀🐀EY, Thu Nov 9 10:17am
            This is Amerika today. A mish mesh of private para military types funded by private and public rapidly subverting law enforcement at the local, state, and national level. Just who are these Jack... more