Pharma, health care providers, insurance, politics
Fri Oct 27, 2017 12:20pm

B, C, T, & A.

  • and not wait for Big Government to protect them from Big Pharma and themselves. Using opioids is voluntary, no one is forcing Americans to use or abuse opioids.
    • AgreedTruthteller, Sun Oct 29 2:29pm
      and if you look at the demographics from 2015 on the CDC website, you will see that the group with the largest number of opioid-related deaths occurred in the age 25-24 age group with 8,568 deaths.... more
    • Pharma, health care providers, insurance, politics — Pikes, Fri Oct 27 12:20pm
      • Love the analogy of Bob, Carol, Ted, & AliceSia☺giah, Sun Oct 29 2:16am
        to Pharma, healthcare providers, insurance, and politics. I'm thinking that one of 'em, at least, has to be the patients who ask for 'em. Maybe the bed can represent Big Pharma and the characters... more