making 'David Cop-a-feel' joke - Merlin
Third woman accuses George H.W. Bush of groping,
Fri Oct 27, 2017 6:11pm

Third woman accuses George H.W. Bush of groping, making 'David Cop-a-feel' joke

I warned you about running around with that rascal.

    • "Nice" people don't direct the CIAPikes, Sat Oct 28 1:04pm
      HW is the nicest Bush. Why is Clinton's hair white, and youth-colored in the reflection?
      • on the other side of a windshield glass. Notice that the "reflection" isn't even facing the same direction as Clinton so isn't his reflection at all. You're absolutely correct about a "nice guy" not... more
        • My failing eyesPikes, Sat Oct 28 2:28pm
          Irreversible macular degeneration. I kinda see that, but it looks like a warped, secondary reflection refracted from some odd angle. Maybe it's one of Hillary's spies.
    • **chuckle** (nm)Sia☺giah, Sat Oct 28 12:58pm
      • Bush Deserved to Be Slapped Across the FaceMerlin, Sat Oct 28 3:47pm
        David Cop-a-feel!! What the dickens? Bush's victims will be traumatized for life. Even Harvey Weinstein, O'Reilly, Bill Clinton, Ailes, Bill Cosby et al were never accused of telling a joke THAT bad. ... more