I don't think anyone opposes reasonable regulation....
Mon Oct 30, 2017 9:19am

Though there certainly are some differences in opinion as to what DEGREE of regulation is or is not reasonable...

There is also a reasonable question as to what matters should be state matters and what matter should be federal matters.

Why could the reasonable regulations NOT be produced and enforced at the state level?

  • reasonable regulations. We cannot simply trust businesses not to do crazy dangerous things like storing highly flammable and dangerous materials willy nilly without proper record keeping or following ... more
    • I don't think anyone opposes reasonable regulation.... — Sprout, Mon Oct 30 9:19am
      • and every state to fund and develop their own EPA and all that entails? Seems a rather expensive proposition for what are, the vast majority of the time, issues that are not unique to a state.
        • Nope. Not what I want.Sprout, Mon Oct 30 4:24pm
          I want each state to have reasonable regulations. Many will likely be similar. But I'd they don't NEED to be identical why make them so? And states already have environmental management agencies. Why ... more