Spot on as usual
Tue Oct 31, 2017 12:43pm

When things don't make sense, they're usually not true. Take the alleged sale of US uranium to Russia.

Russia has more uranium reserves in the Urals and Caucasus than the US has in the Rockies. Their alleged purchase of US uranium makes no sense. Remember following WWII, the US sought, protected and acquired all the Nazi scientists they could find, knowing both the asset they brought and danger they posed if acquired by USSR. NASA is one result. After the USSR broke apart, Russian nuclear physicists and engineers were suddenly, unexpectedly unemployed. The US did nothing. But US enemies offered those scientists good jobs. The result is Iran and North Korea, and their worrisome nuclear programs.

Today, conversation between Tillerson, Kelly, and Mattis is "What the ______ did we get ourselves into?"
Pence is in private prayer with mother.

Huckebee Sanders and Trump compliment one another. He lies, she explains his lies, she spins and weaves a tangled web of nothing, and he holds rallies, plays golf, tweets, blusters and flusters from orange to red faced liar. Then it all begins again. Huckabee looks and sounds like her father, poor thing. Trump chose well and wisely, seeking the best and most dedicated and faithful kind of liar from the religious right. Of course their expectation to be believed is insanity.

For the first time in his life, Trump cant hide the fork stuck in him. Can anyone name anyone- one person who says Donald Trump is an honest person? Besides Trump himself, that is. He speaks for the moment. Trump brags about his great memory. Telling the truth doesn't require a good memory.

  • Patience...Amadeus, Tue Oct 31 11:28am
    This is just the beginning. Watch as it unfolds. Why do you think they kept the first guilty plea secret for months? Because he's been proactively assisting the investigation. No doubt, he has a... more
    • Spot on as usual — Pikes, Tue Oct 31 12:43pm
    • ...have been reacting to this news, compared to other news. A minor campaign poague, if he was even that, claims to have talked to someone to try and set up a meeting with someone who claimed to have ... more
      • You're The One Having The Meltdown...Amadeus, Tue Oct 31 2:49pm
        I wouldn't be calling anyone else "snowflake" just now. If there was nothing there, Mueller would have already said so. You apparently do not understand the concept of opposition research. There is... more
        • ..."opposition research" is illegal. And that's what the DNC and the Hillary campaign did. They also intentionally tried to mask the financing. Also illegal. So, back to the real story here. The DNC... more
          • Bzzzzt...Amadeus, Tue Oct 31 5:09pm
            Fusion isn't an agent of another country. Where did you get that idea? Amadeus
            • Even if they wereJeeves, Tue Oct 31 6:17pm
              Arguably, a foreign agent was employed since Christopher Steele is a British citizen, and indirectly paid by the Clinton campaign. However, I don't know of any statutes which make it illegal for a... more
              • OTOHPikes, Tue Oct 31 7:02pm
                How many years did the Tres Gaudie Republicans spend "inventigating" Clinton? Their net results?
          • I believe that you are mistakenJeeves, Tue Oct 31 5:07pm
            " Paying agents of another country for the results of 'opposition research' is illegal. " You keep claiming that, but, AFAIK, the Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA) prohibits any foreign national... more
        • so?" You believe that. Maybe you need to brush up on the ACTUAL facts: THE LEFT UNHINGED That other plot – to bring down Trump Well over a year after the FBI began investigating “collusion” between... more
          • I Responded To This On The Other Board...Amadeus, Tue Oct 31 5:10pm
            Your piece isn't quite correct in the details. *shrug* Reality is coming. Amadeus
          • as Donald Trump. This is the beginning of the beginning. Not end of the beginning, or beginning of the end. There is a great deal of speculation. I speculated too, and it may be wrong, or partially... more
          • Friday - "Oooooh yeah. Here we go. They've indicted someone. THIS is gonna be GOOOOOOOD." The indictment is released. Nothing. Nothing in any way connected to Trump, the Trump campaign, Russia,... more
            • Have You NOT Been Paying Attention?Amadeus, Tue Oct 31 5:13pm
              Seriously? The indictments are leverage. Papadopoulos is the real story. And the details are so important. There are more indictments already in the works. Patience. Mueller is very, very good at his ... more
              • he's literally parroting the Trump criminal enterprise talking points word for word. That is ALL he is paying attention to.
                • InventigationPikes, Wed Nov 1 4:14am
                  That's their investigation. Absent facts, they invent their own and pass them like Gospel. Like social disease in the clubs Trump owns and frequents.
      • Nothing makes you happier than an opportunity to troll. Your time on this board is solely to troll people you identify as liberals. I didn't vote for Clinton or Trump. I saw what they are, and see... more
      • You are close on the Clinton accusationJeeves, Tue Oct 31 12:31pm
        " there's mounting evidence that people ACTUALLY affiliated with the HILLARY campaign and the DNC actually PAID FOR access to damaging information on Candidate Trump -- which WOULD be illegal. "... more
        • WrongSES, Tue Oct 31 2:06pm
          "The Federal Election Campaign Act (52 USC 30101) prohibits foreign nationals and governments from giving or receiving money in U.S. campaigns." The Hillary campaign and the DNC PAID foreign... more
          • You need to review your sourceJeeves, Tue Oct 31 2:49pm
            " The Federal Election Campaign Act (52 USC 30101) prohibits foreign nationals and governments from giving or receiving money in U.S. campaigns " From:... more
      • Thanks for the Team Trump update.HeavyHemi, Tue Oct 31 12:10pm
        Nice tantrum. Nothing I can say would present your isses better.