Snowflakes with egg on their faces. Quite an image. lol
Tue Oct 31, 2017 3:46pm (XFF:

Friday - "Oooooh yeah. Here we go. They've indicted someone. THIS is gonna be GOOOOOOOD."

The indictment is released. Nothing. Nothing in any way connected to Trump, the Trump campaign, Russia, collusion...nothing.



Libtard faces.

Of course, they have to ignore the egg oozing across their pie-holes and insist that there's something there, when there isn't.


  • so?" You believe that. Maybe you need to brush up on the ACTUAL facts: THE LEFT UNHINGED That other plot – to bring down Trump Well over a year after the FBI began investigating “collusion” between... more
    • as Donald Trump. This is the beginning of the beginning. Not end of the beginning, or beginning of the end. There is a great deal of speculation. I speculated too, and it may be wrong, or partially... more
    • Snowflakes with egg on their faces. Quite an image. lol — SES, Tue Oct 31 3:46pm
      • Have You NOT Been Paying Attention?Amadeus, Tue Oct 31 5:13pm
        Seriously? The indictments are leverage. Papadopoulos is the real story. And the details are so important. There are more indictments already in the works. Patience. Mueller is very, very good at his ... more
        • he's literally parroting the Trump criminal enterprise talking points word for word. That is ALL he is paying attention to.
          • InventigationPikes, Wed Nov 1 4:14am
            That's their investigation. Absent facts, they invent their own and pass them like Gospel. Like social disease in the clubs Trump owns and frequents.