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Handies Peak was location of the Tabasco mine, and its original name was Tabasco, for the McIlhenny Tabasco Pepper Sauce Company who still own the mineral rights.

From its summit is the finest view in all Colorado. An ocean of great mountains in every direction, without visible blemish from the impact of man. No towns, roads, telephone poles or lines... just wilderness. A few trails in the valleys.

American Basin is world renown for its alpine wildflowers.

Sloan's Lake is an amazing lake. Its color is beyond belief.

When my kids and I hiked Handies, they saw their first bear in the wild, sunning itself on a big flat rock above a waterfall, below the trail, about a mile up from the trail head. It paid no attention to us, even though we passed just a hundred feet above it.

We met a fellow cleaning route tags for the Hardrock 100, and he gave dottir the marker from Handies summit. It sits on my bookshelf.

High point of the Hardrock 100, world's hardest foot race, a hundred miles with 33,000 feet of altitude gain, is the 14,055' summit of Handies Peak. Much of the race is run at altitudes above 12,000 feet, on trails that cross icy cold streams and unmelted snowfields, traverse above and below cliffs, and rocky beyond belief.

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